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In a living area, coffee tables have a key place and purpose. As a result, you’ll need to create an eye-catching grouping for your space’s focal point.
Design a vignette and try to make a beautiful statement by focusing on making it appealing, unified, and organized without being overwhelming to the eye.
Working with elements that tie together to achieve visual harmony and balance is the key to creating a beautiful vignette, so think about proportions, form, and color.
Also don’t make the table too ornate or busy, instead keep everything neat and well organized for a more functional interior.
Coffee-table décor can range from stacking books with personal souvenirs to unusual ornamental artifacts, and it is actually the least fixed part of your home. You can always swap books for decorative objects, vases for candles and flowers, or combine them all and use your coffee table as a stylish catchall for showcasing your current collection. While having so many choices can seem intimidating, don’t let this discourage you from letting your inner interior designer show.
After all, a well-designed coffee table can make a huge difference in how cohesive and welcoming your living space feels, and can also be a conversation starter.
So keep reading for some tips to help you achieve your ideal coffee table display, personalized to your taste!

Styling your coffee table

Lea Badro Design Studio
Lea Badro Design Studio

Step 1 Start with a base.

Trays make the perfect focal point or base. They are great for corralling everything that ends up on the table, from an intentionally styled object to a stray remote. You can find trays that add a pop of color or a luxe element at most furniture stores, and we always recommend purchasing a size that will fit multiple items.

coffee table styling - interior design

Step 2 Add something to read.

Books are a great design element to bring in patterns and textures or to be used as a base to stack and layer with other pieces. Choose books from your collection that are easy and entertaining to flip through, as these will be the ones that guests will more likely flip through. Personally, I like to keep at least one book on a photographer, one on travel, and one on fashion and/or interiors.

coffee table styling - interior design

Step 3 Add in levels.

Playing with height doesn’t necessarily mean tall, breakable vases that you can’t see the television over. Try stacking a box over the books or on top of the tray – you can find containers and canisters that are great to use as hidden storage, but that also add materiality and texture to the vignette.

coffee table styling - interior design

Step 4 Add decorative objects.

Place decorative objects to add some interest to your coffee table, something personal, like a tchotchke from a trip, or something functional like coasters or a paperweight, or even a fun option like a deck of cards or a tic-tac-toe to keep your guests entertained.

coffee table styling - interior design

Step 5 Include something scented.

Your coffee table is a great spot to place one of your favorite candles. I love lighting a candle every once in a while, and it makes your entire living room smell delicious (mine is almost always Mediterranean Figs) and essentially feel cozier. Most candle containers are also really beautiful, enough to double as a decorative item, adding a lot of texture and interest in your home.

coffee table styling - interior design

Step 6 Add something floral.

Flowers or a pretty plant is the perfect way to finish the look. There is something about fresh flowers that brightens any styling scape and brings some life into the space. I like to grab a small bouquet from my local deli, and I normally try to choose colors that are already found in my New York apartment, or colors that are complimentary.

coffee table styling - interior design

Finally step back and take a look! There are countless ways to style a coffee table, so shift things around until they feel magically balanced no matter where you’re standing.

Shop the look !

  1. Rectangular tray
  2. Bowl with lid
  3. Tic-tac-toe set
  4. Blue glass sculpture
  5. Gold wick trimmer
  6. Scented candle
  7. Flower vase
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