Design Tips – Benches

Ideal to enhance any room with its simple yet elegant form, a bench is a stylish and practical element to add to your space. If you are living in one of New York’s smaller apartments, it can help you save space and can easily fit into most rooms in a home because of its often narrow depth. A bench will allow you to generate more seating without having to purchase chairs or armchairs (which take up more room in height and in width). It can also sometimes be used to store items (we love putting a throw inside).
They can serve multifunctional purposes in your home and will effortlessly spruce up your interiors.
In today’s blog post we’ll reveal some ideas on where you can incorporate them.

Studio McGee

At the end of a bed:
A bench at the foot of the bed acts as a beautiful visual anchor. It lends character while offering seating options.

Pinterest – Abstract Art

In an empty corner:
If you have an empty corner in your house, slide a bench under a large piece of artwork and then style it with a throw blanket and a lamp or plant for a cozy yet glamorous set up.

Kevin Dumais – Sterling Mason, Manhattan

At the dining table:
Use it to anchor the table, create a lower focal point and add space for more guests without taking away from a sophisticated design aesthetic. It’s also ideal if you don’t have enough space between the table and the wall to pull a chair out – a bench can be pushed against the wall, and so saves space!

Athena Calderone – Living Room Bench

Behind a sofa:
Besides being a visual anchor for the seating arrangement, it can also be used in a multitude of ways: from displaying books and decorative items, to extra seating when you’re entertaining.

Blaze Makoid Architecture – Daniels Lane

In the bathroom:
Tuck a waterproof bench inside a shower stall to act as a seat or hold towels and bath products to add the right amount of beauty and function.

Once you’ve found the perfect location for your new bench, complete your space by styling it with our style guide.

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