The entrance to your home is the perfect place to set the tone for your aesthetic and create the first impression. You want this to be a welcoming statement because it’s often the first thing you see when you walk into the house. Since most New York interiors are smaller spaces, and as we are a New York interior design firm, we based our styling on a smaller entryway, however you can always add furniture pieces into your entry to fill it up with curated and collected pieces that will complete your interior, no matter which part of the world you are in. Placing an entryway console is both practical and decorative; it provides a place to drop everyday items on, such as your keys, a pair of sunglasses, or the mail, but also can house a vase for fresh flowers, and some personal decorative items, like framed family photos. A console sets the tone in your home, and has the potential to brighten up the rest of the space. Although every home and every look is unique, we have some standard tips and tricks when styling your entry console, to create some layers, textures and color stories in your home.

Styling your entryway console table

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Step 1 Start with a beautiful piece.

The most important step would be selecting your console table – the base of all elements. Since an entrance console can be a decorative piece of furniture or a functional element, think about whether you value aesthetics or practicality more, and choose your console table accordingly, one that will suit your needs. In New York interiors, where space is limited, a console with drawers might make the most sense. However, for our clients who have space, a simpler console table might be more appropriate.

entryway console - interior design

p.s you need to make sure it fits, so this is where a measuring tape is crucial!

Step 2 Ground the bottom.

Use substantial pieces on the bottom to balance the visual weight. Baskets could be a great option for consoles with minimal storage. You could also style it with ottomans, so you have a place to sit down and take off your shoes, or you might prefer to place an umbrella holder, so you can quickly grab and go!

entryway console - interior design

Step 3 Elevate the top.

 Hang or lean a larger piece to pull it all together. You can opt for a mirror or any kind of wall art. Use one large piece or a gallery of a few smaller favorites. Whether bold or vibrant, colorful or intricate, this element will work like an anchor –  A beautiful piece that will connect your console to the rest of your home, so be sure to choose art that ties in shapes and colors from other parts of your home.

entryway console - interior design

Step 4 Add easy access lighting.

Sneak in a dual purpose lighting fixture. Select something sculptural which will provide some texture to your entry, but will also be a functional piece. Apart from adding height, lamps serve to add another layer of light to the space, giving you an extra cozy ambiance and making your entry feel effortlessly welcoming.

entryway console - interior design

Step 5 Include Greenery elements.

Bring some life to your set up with an organic element. It’ll soften the space and engage the senses. For our New York based interior clients, we select pieces that are in season – pretty pines during the winter, daffodils in the spring, eucalyptus stems during the summer for a divine smell and wonderful textures, and some colored leafy stems during the fall.

entryway console interior design

Step 6 Add the details!

 Use textured elements and sentimental objects. Accessorize it in a layered manner – you can stack some books, and play with vases and jars heights. Don’t forget the “catch-all vessel” to maximize the functionality of the space – it can be a box, a tray or a bowl for you to keep your mail, keys, glasses… all out of sight, but easily accessed!

entryway console - interior design

Step 7 Finish up the look.

As for the finishing touch, add a rug with color and texture to balance the look.  Plus, there is nothing better than being welcomed into a home by something warm and inviting like a beautiful, soft rug.

entryway console - interior design

You don’t need to spend a fortune to put together a lovely vignette; use items you already have and buy the pieces that you feel are missing for the set up. Redecorate and tweak until you have an entryway space that makes you sigh with happiness every day and most importantly a space that reflects you!

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  1. Console table
  2. Baskets
  3. Mirror
  4. Table lamp
  5. Accessories: Table top hurricane, books, catch-all vessel, box, decorative object
  6. Rug
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