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On Saturday we asked our followers to vote for their preferred designs on our leabadrodesignstudio Instagram account, and in today’s blog post we will share with you the tips and tricks behind the interiors you chose.
If you are a book lover, it is certainly nice to be surrounded by your favorite books written by your most beloved authors. However, the library is no longer just a storage element for books. It has become a decorative element on its own, a graphic and colorful panel, animated with beautiful objects and intriguing books.
But how do you integrate a library into your home?
Well, no matter what kind of layout you have and no matter how big your space is, you can always have your own home library. In today’s blog post we’ll reveal some ideas that will help you integrate a library into your home even if you live in one of New York’s smaller apartments.

Chloe Warner – Russian Hill House

For smaller rooms use tall shelving units to make your ceiling look higher. We love using vertical bookcases that reach the ceiling to create the illusion of height by drawing the eye upward. This also gives you a lot of wall space to mix in some personal items with your books, for a cozier library-esque style.

Artem Trigubchak – Kiev apartment

However, if you have a larger room, and need to fill out wall space to keep the room from having blank spaces, opt for a horizontal option, with low level wall-mounted bookcases that runs the length of the wall. Don’t forget to style it with objects of different heights and some wall art. This will fill your walls without making the room feel overbearing.

Kedem Shinar Design & Architecture

If you want to maximize your storage potential and create visual order, opt for built-in shelving for your home library. Built-ins take advantage of every square inch of wall space.

Lonny – Eclectic Modern Decor

If you like to mix things up often, and don’t want to commit to a built-in to have more design flexibility, go for a free standing bookcase option, or two of them side by side.

Superkül – mid-century modern home

One of the most important aspects to your home library is seating. If you are fitting your library into a small space, and don’t want to purchase a stand-alone chair to read in, take advantage of small nooks by using low built-ins that double as seating and storage. We love creating a custom cushion top using a fabric already incorporated somewhere else in the house to carry the same aesthetic throughout your home.

Griffin Enright Architects, in collaboration with architect Elyse Grinstein – Los Angeles’s West Side Home

If you have more space you can have more seating variety. A nice, comfortable armchair is a classic choice, paired with an ottoman to put your feet up and read comfortably, and a reading lamp to one side for those evening reads.

Let us know your thoughts on these and which you can’t wait to incorporate into your home’s design! We’d love to hear about it below. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us for any help!


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